July monthly selection box 'Hoppy meal'


This box is a monthly themed box which is sent to the dried delights subscription holders automatically each month.
You can also purchase the box as a 'one off' but the subscription brings the price of the box down to £24 per box/month including p&p. Here is the link-http://www.drieddelights.co.uk/subscription

The July 2022 subscription and monthly box-

Our july subscription box- 'Hoppy meal'
(Not all takeaways have to be unhealthy!)

1 x Fries box stuffed with Apple branches andother branches and leaves

1 x burger box - a burger bun made of cardboard and filled with delicious dried delights forage laid of a paper covering and a healthy munchy treat burger on a plantain 'salad' leaf

1 x cardboard drink cup full forage and a pinecone, complete with a straw! A great enrichment toy which your pet will love to throw around!!

1 x hot dog - laid on a bed of packaging hay the cardboard sasuage has three healthy munchy treats wrapped up in red paper to mimic the sasuage and even has a piece of yellow paper for the mustard!

1 x seagrass mat for your pet to sit on while they enjoy thier takeaway

1 x 'sauce pot' filled with rose petals

All in medium size box lined with packaging hay.

*All subscription holders will recieve this box this month and it will also be available as a one off purchase for customers too*