About Us

Dried delights are natural homemade products designed to mimic rabbits natural environment incorporating their need for high fibre, low calcium and low phosphorus levels- also looking after their dental, mental and digestive health.

Dried delights forage ingredients are naturally dried by air (some shop bought products are dried by microwaves or ovens to help with the mass production) and the toys are made out of recycled cardboard.

Lorna, the founder of Dried Delights is a Veterinary Nurse and an experienced rabbit owner. She has a particular passion for rabbits, she works closely with an organzation called Rabbit Ritz and gives presentations for the RVN about rabbit care for veterinary professionals. She is keen to make a difference by educating owners on how to enrich their rabbit's life and providing a natural diet.

All products are lovingly made in a sole purpose shed called 'The Rabbit Hutch'