Special combination box


Treat your pet to this beautiful box of goodies.

Comes in two boxes but attached to each other this is to look after the quality of the products. Each box comes lined with packaging hay. The hazel, willow and apples branches are in their own box to prevent them from becoming squashed in transit

1 x enrichment and forage box filled with lots of enrichment materials and treats- an absolutley stunning item full of colour and excitement

1 x nibble, nudge and treat hanging toy

1 x make your own enrichment toy

1 x hanging wooden heart rabbit ornament decoration

1 x piece of super comfy vetbed

1 x bunch of apples branches and leaves

1 x bunch of willow branches and leaves

1 x bunch of hazel branches ana leaves

1 x large rabbit enrichment forage bag

1 x bag of dried nettles

1 x baked banana and apple willow branch piece and 1 x baked banana and carrot willow branch piece treats

1 x bag of dried delights forage