September 'Back to school' monthly selection box


A box to symbolise going back to school enrichment toys and treats

This box includes-

1 x medium box filled with our Dried delights packaging hay

1 x kraft lunchbox filled with packaging hay, a collection of fresh branches, 2 x healthy munchy treat parcela and dried delights forage in a cello bag.

1 x play ball

1 x bag of baked fruit- apple, pear and banana

1 x small box with heart shape fillled with packaging hay, lavander and chamomile petals

1 x hanging enrichment toy with cardboard pieces and paper cups

1 x cardboard 'pencil case' filled with packaging hay and willow and hazel branch 'pencils'

1 x *NEW* healthy munch treat doughnut (carrot and oat flavour)

1 x paper 'excercise book' made for an enrichment toy to throw around!

1 x shake and reward 'P.E' bag filled with dried delights packaging hay, forage, branches and a scattering of healthy munchy treats