Healthy Munchy Treat Parcels


Hand baked Healthy Munchy Treat Parcels which your small furries will love! Every treat parcel is wrapped in paper so it has to be worked for. It is recommended that one parcel should be given as a weekly treat.

4x Munchy treat parcels per pack

Now Available in three flavours!

Carrot and banana Munchy treat parcels:
contains fresh carrot, fresh banana, oats and extruded pellet food.


Apple and oat Munchy treat parcels:
contains Apple, oats and extruded pellet food.


Hay and oat munchy treat parcels: contain hay, oats and extruded pellet food.


'mixed up' parcels- which includes a mix up of all three

Please select your flavour from the drop down menu below.

As everything is made fresh, your product at differ slightly from the one shown