Pizza forage box (in an actual pizza box!!)


A forage collection in a 15 inch pizza box! With grated cheese (grated carrot) and nuggets (healthy munchy treat mini lollipops!)

A box to incorporate Mental stimulation including healthy treats continuing your pets dental and digestive health.

-Dried delights packaging hay layer base

-Dried delights forage layer- dandelions, plaintain, grass, clover, marigold flowers, lavander flowers

- Sprinkling of dried rose petals

- 4 x Willow branches to seperate 'pizza' into sections

- 4 x healthy munchy treats (as toppings!)

- 2 x pieces of loofah (as toppings) great from dental hygiene and health

- 1 x grated baked carrot 'grated cheese' for you to sprinkle on!

- 2 x mini healthy munchy bite lollipops 'nuggets' to enjoy with your pizza!