October 'Halloween' monthly selection box


This box is a monthly themed box which is sent to the dried delights subscription holders automatically each month.
You can also purchase the box as a 'one off' but the subscription brings the price of the box down to £24 per box/month including p&p. Here is the link-http://www.drieddelights.co.uk/subscription

A box to celebrate halloween with themed enrichment toys and treats...october is always one of our most popular months!

This box includes-

1 x medium box filled with our Dried delights packaging hay

1 x 'witches broomstick' with a branch and leaves artistically attached by twine

1 x cracker 'Bat' made out of a cardboard tube, black kraft paper filled with dried delights packaging hay, forage and healthy munchy treat chunks with sticker eyes and teeth

1 x 'trick or treat bag' filled with dried delughts packaging hay , forage, branch pieces and a sprinkling of healtjy munchy treats secured by thick twine and decorative label with heart shaped holes to provide added enrichment

1 x cello halloween bag filled with dried delights foraged leaves which have been dried

1 x 'pumpkin bag' filled with packaging hay and secured with twine

1 x hanging 'Spiders web' with a slice of loofah, cardboard tube pieces attachment and ringed treats with halloween decoration

1 x bag of 4 x healthy munchy treats mix of flavours (because everyone has a treat at halloween!)

1 x large 'Ghoust' made out of white paper filled with dried delights packaging hay, dried delights forage, branch pieces and a sprinkling of healthy munchy treats

3 x 'Ghoul heads' 1 x filled with dried nettles, 1 x filled with dried hazel leaves and 1 x with dried raspberry leaves. Perfect to be chicked around while your pet tries to get the forage out

1 x halloween themed thankyou note

Have a spooky halloween everyone !