May fresh forage feast monthly selection box (subscription box for DD superfans)


This box is a monthly themed box which is sent to the dried delights subscription holders automatically each month.
You can also purchase the box as a 'one off' but the subscription brings the price of the box down to £24 per box/month including p&p. Here is the link-

The May 2022 subscription and monthly box-

The Fresh forage feast box!
Measurements of box-419x338x72mm

PERFECT for stuffing your enrichment toys and around your pets environment for added enrichment!

Includes- hazel branches and leaves, willow branches and leaves, birch branches and leaves and leaves and hawthorn

Forage is freshly picked the day is it posted and is sent first class so that it arrives as fresh as possible.

Branches and leaves are fantastic for all aspects of health for your pet
-High fibre from the leaves to aid digestive health
-branches assist dental health by providing substance to gnaw and cut through
- mental health- providing natural forage keeps your pet happy, healthy and occupied (especially when you create satisfying enrichment with the branches for them to enjoy- for example stuffing the branches in a toy or even a cardboard tube!)