JUNE 'Rabbit awareness' monthly selection box


A box to celebrate the Rabbit awareness week 2021 by the rabbit welfare association. The theme this year is 'Hopping through the years' looking at the inportance of looking after our bunnies suitably for their age stage.

This box has been created to celebrate rabbits, support the care that we give them and also praise the excellent work in which us as rabbit owners do to look after our little ones!

This box includes-

1 x medium box filled with our famously favourite packaging hay.

1 x healthcare guide 'Bunny Bible'written by Lorna (owner of Dried delights and creator of orders!) Designed to provide rabbit owners with a taster of essential information about healthcare and husbandry for rabbits for new and experienced rabbit owners.

1 x 'Know your rabbits digestion' leaflet written by lorna

1 x Dried delight leaflet

1 x pre and post operative care leaflet written by lorna

1 x senior rabbit care leaflet written by lorna

1 x rabbit awareness information leaflet

1 x kraft notebook with rabbit and heart cut out

1 x felt black rabbit keyring (handmade) a present for the owner

1 x pieces of grey vetbed useful to draw moisture awat from the surface keeping it dry and providing a comfy supportive bed for all ages particularly good for older bunnies to support their joints.

1 x enrichment forage box full of lots of dried delights goodies- an excellent tool to keep your rabbit busy stimulating their mental capacity, and also giving digestive and dental health.

1 x handmade sign 'we love bunnies'

1 x handmade hanging wooden rabbit heart ornament (a present for the owner not the bunny!)

1 x small foraged branch toy- a collection of hazel, willow, birch and apple branches

1 x nibble, nudge and treat enrichment toy with meadow ring treats, paper cups and pieces of hessian on a hanging toy

1 x make your own enrichment toy- a bag full of pieces of recycled materials for you to make your own enrichment toy for your rabbit (feel free to send me photos of your masterpiece!)

1 x carrot and banana baked willow branch pieces and 1 x carrot and banana baked willow branch pieces