Dried Delights Birthday Box


After many requests for a birthday box here it is! (Presented in a hay lined large box)

-1 x cardboard heart enrichment toy with added enrichment- a bundle of dried delights packaging hay, paper, and treats- can be hung.

-1 x party cup filled enrichment toy- made of strong cardboard and a paper straw filled with a pinecone, branch pieces and forage.

-1 x forage present box- filled with Dried delights forage tied together with twine to make the present appearance.

-1 x bunny party bag filled with dried delights packaging hay, forage, branch pieces and a sprinkling of healthy munchy treats.

-1 x sticky kebab enrichment toy with paper, cardboard additions

-1 x birthday celebration cracker filled with dried delights packaging hay and forage

-1 x healthy munchy treat birthday cupcake with the pets birthday age on!

1 x wooden hanging rabbit with a party hat on with the birthday persons initial on! (this is for the owner and not a toy)

2 x healthy munchy treat lollipops

1 x Happy Birthday banner with the birthday pets name and age added!