May 'Minis' monthly selection box


May 2021 'Mini theme'

To give you a taster of our produxts or just because you like cute things.....try our May mini box! 😍

This box will be sent out to our subsceiption holders this month and is also availble for non subscription holders as a 'one off' product (ypu could of course buy more than one if you wanted!!

1 x medium box filled with our famously favourite packaging hay.

1 x mini hanging willow ring wreath with 2 x treat rings

1 x mini hanging meadow hay ring, with a piece of cardboard enrichment and a bunch of branches (willow, hazel, birch and apple)

1 x mini enrichment toy with ring treat, made from cardboard, paper and hessian with piece of twine so you can hang it up

1 x mini bunch of branches- willow, apple, hazel and birch secured with twine

1 x mini bag of packaging hay

1 x mini bag of dried delights forage (grass, plaintain, dandelions, parsley, raspberry leaf, branch pieces -willow, apple, hazel and birch) all hand picked and air dried for maximum naturalness

1 x mini dolly shale and reward bag with pqckaging hay, dried delights forage, branch pieces and a sprinkling of healthy munchy treats

1 x mini packed of oven baked apple slices, banana slices and grated carrot (baked by myself)

1 x mini 'sticky kebab' enrichment toy- a willow branch with cardboard, paper and hessian enrichment pieces designed to be flung around and nibbled by your pet!

1 x mini carrot made out of tissue paper stufded with our paxkaging hay

1 x mini bunny enrichment forage bag with packaging hay, dried deliggts forage and a sprinkling of healthy munchy treats in a brown bag with bunny design and ears

1 x mini burger, chips and drink! (Im espexially proud of this one!). Cardboard mini burger with dried deliggts forage, 1 x healthy munchy treat, 1 x cardboard cup with straw filled with branch pieces and some willow chips!